Research programs

Human Studies

The Centre’s human neurophysiology experimental research focuses on identifying the mechanism responsible for the effects of radio frequency (RF) emissions previously seen on the electroencephalogram (EEG). This program involves two main projects: First to determine the role of the timing of RF exporsure (relative to sleep regulation hormone onset) on sleep and the EEG, and whether there are gender differences related to this. In the second project, effects of RF on young children will be investigated.

Project 1Melatonin, temperature, and the effect of RF on sleep EEG
                 Exposure timing, non-RF heat effects, RF heat regulation

Project 2: RF Cognition and neurophysiology in young children
                 Effects on cognition as well as cortical function 4-9 year olds (EEG) 

Key people involved:  Sarah Loughran, Rodney Croft, Nigel Taylor, Ron Grunstein, Jane Herbert, Sheridan Findlay

Last reviewed: 25 September, 2018