Research programs

Dosimetry Studies

The Centre's dosimetry stream will provide dosimetry support to all of the projects in the other research streams, while also conducting important stand-alone dosimetry research to assess characteristic RF emissions for new and emerging RF technologies, especially 5G, which will enable far greater upload and download speeds for wireless communication devices.

Project 1: Dosimetry Support

Project 2: Modelling of GHz RF absorption in the eyes and skin

Project 3: Effect of clothing on GHz RF absorption

Project 4: Validation (& improvement) of RF modelling techniques

Project 5: Ultrasound as a measure of RF-induced temperature rise

Project 6: Determination of GHz exposure within the community

Project 7: Validation of RF thermal models in humans

Key people involved: Andrew Wood, Robert McIntoshSteve Iskra, Sarah Loughran, Rodney Croft

Last reviewed: 8 October, 2018