Research programs

Cellular Studies

The Centre's cellular research will focus on identifying optimal sets of experimental tests to detect cellular response after exposure to RF. This includes the potential for low-level effects of RF to interact with the healthy functioning of an individual, but also the understanding of potential impacts of high frequency RF on the boy, whichis particularly relevant to the latest develoments in telecommunications, such as the 5G technology.

Project 1: Determining the RF exposure threshold for CW-electroporation
                 Investigate if high frequency RF poses a health risk through
                 membrane permeation

Project 2: Are thermo and mechanoreceptor proteins sensitive to low level RF?
                Effects of RF on cells from control and EHS
                (electromagnetic hypersensitivity individuals)

Project 3: Modelling Effects of RF on Human Brain Development
                Effects of RF on human neural cellular and molecular
                processes crucial to normal neurodevelopment

Key people involved: Irene Yarovsky, Elena Ivanova, Elena Pirogova, Boris Martinac, Eva Tomaskovic-Crook, Rodney Croft, Sarah Loughran 

Last reviewed: 25 September, 2018