Research programs

Social Science Studies

The Social Sceince arm of the Centre will focus on two issues.  The first project focuses on how possible health effects of RF are represented in the media and how alarmist media may heighten anxieties or induce EHS symptoms.  The second project investigates general practitioners' understanding of potential effects of RF on health and how they deal with individuals reporting EHS symptoms, with the aim to identify possible communication strategies helping general practitioners to improve their knowledge and ultimately treatment approaches.

Project 1:  Psychosocial determinants of EHS symptoms
                 Effects of 'inflammatory' media reports on causing
                 EHS symptoms in healthy participants

Project 2:  Improving RF-health literacy within General Practitioners
                 Investigating GP's knowledge about EHS and improving
                 communication and treatment strategies

Key people involved: Sarah Loughran, Rodney Croft, Peter Wiedermann, Graeme Edwards, Frederik Freudenstein 


Last reviewed: 25 September, 2018